How to Use A Mug Printer

If you check the internet, there are numerous designs on different mugs everywhere. These designs are done using a mug printer with more people buying the product. More people are purchasing the mug printer and being creative about the different designs. If you want to make the custom designs for your mugs as a hobby or a business. The mug printer will give you different design ideas you can create and effect on the spot. However, it you must know how to create these designs, you must know how to use the mug printer. The mug printer, as the name suggests is a machine designed for only mug printing, and as such, this device is wonderful. The first rule to note is that you can only print properly on a coated mug.

How to Use A Mug Press

The type of mug press you have will affect the quality of designs you can create. That is why the most important step to printing on a mug is to first get a good mug press. After selecting a good mug press, you are good to go. The digital mug press is usually the best option because you can print clear designs on the mugs, and they are perfect and simple

Here are the steps to use the press after selecting a good mug press;

Male your design

The first thing to do is to have your design in hand. Mug printers will only deliver an output you have already designed. Therefore, you need to create something using software like paint, canva, photoshop, or any other one to create something beautiful. If you do not have the luxury of time, you can easily buy a design from an online store. You can use this if you do not have design skills.

Create your design on INkjet

After you have your design, you need to print it out so you can transfer it to a mug. It’s always better to use an inkjet printer like a ricoh or epson printer. Your printing needs to be of the highest possible quality, so it is better to use a sublimation printer. Ensure that the sublimation printer you use for the job is the one with great quality.

Put the paper on the mug

After getting the design you want out, the next step is to choose where you want to create it on the mug. Ensure you get the position on the mug correctly, so the design comes out perfect. You can use a thermal tape to hold the design better on the mug. Ensure that the sublimation design is dried before you tape it.

Get the printer hot

You are going to use heat to press that design on the mug. Therefore, you need to get your printer hot as quick as possible. Set the heat you want and allow it get hot for a while. A temperature of around 100 degrees Celsius is a good start point. After The heat is high, put the mug inside the location. Ensure that the place you want to put your design faces the press it self. After putting the mug in the correct position, ensure that you have a firm mug


Leave the mug in the printer for a while and time the pressing activity. After you have timed it correctly, the next thing is to remove your designed mug already. It may seem complex on your first try, but it is not so hard.



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